Some of the artwork entered into the Awards fits into our multi-artform categories, such as the annual Themed Category or Art Projects.

Our annual Themed Category can help provide a starting point for many entrants. Entrants can respond to the theme across any of the Koestler Awards artforms. Previous themes have included ‘Taste’ (2022) judged by chef Jon Watts, ‘Together’ (2021) which was chosen and judged by Koestler Arts mentees, and ‘Inside’ (2017) selected by Antony Gormley ahead of our 2017 exhibition.

The 2024 Themed Category is ‘From Now On’, chosen by our Koestler Associates.

The Arts Project category is open to entries which feature components that cover several Koestler Awards artforms. Entries must include a description of the aims of the project, documentation of the artistic outcome and the people involved.

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