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We are delighted to present a new report which reveals the positive effect of the Koestler Awards on our entrants.

According to research conducted by the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) at Manchester Metropolitan University, prisoners who entered the Koestler Awards had higher levels of self-reflection, hope for the future, resilience and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Sally Taylor, the then Chief Executive of Koestler Arts, said: “We know that prisoners use the annual Koestler Awards cycle to help navigate their way through a long prison sentence and

we routinely hear from prison staff that students in their art or creative writing classes become more sociable, self-analytical and self-aware and that many move on from these classrooms to other educational opportunities within the prison.

We are delighted, therefore, that this in-depth research undertaken by the Policy Evaluation Research Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University shows that entering the Koestler Awards has a significant positive impact on self-reflection; hope; resilience; and wellbeing. In the current climate knowing we make this impact makes our work even more vital.”

“Prison is not the end of the story. For some people it’s the start of a story.”

– Koestler Awards entrant, HM Prison Brixton

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